Premium Quality - 100% Cast Iron

What's underneath the paint?

As you know by now, our lamp posts are made of 100% cast iron. This means that the complete lamp post including lantern head is made fully out of cast iron, without any other materials used as support structures.

Heavy quality lantern heads

Let's start with the lantern heads. Our lantern heads consist of multiple separate parts that are together assembled into a complete lantern head. This is much stronger than lantern heads made out of sheet or plated metal, which do not last as long as real cast iron lantern heads.

Strong build quality

In the picture above you can see inside a hexagonal lantern head. Notice again how strong and thick the spars are that carry the roof. We've put alot of attention into the build quality of the lantern head, making sure every part is durable.

We don't cut costs on cast iron

Above is a picture of the base of the M1 lamp post. This part alone is only 70 cm tall but weight's 22 kilo's. Installation is easy by placing a pole on top of the base and screwing it tight. As you can see, there are no other materials used, it's truly 100% cast iron (as are all our other bases). The electrical wires go inside the hollow base.

The picture above shows a mounting part, for the lantern head. This part is also placed on top of a ladderbar or straight on a lamp post if you prefer a design without ladderbars.

This is a picture of our poles that go on top of the M1 and M2 models. Pictures from the bottom angle show how thick-walled these parts are. The inside is hollow to install the wires. Every pole or lamp post is unique in that no lamp is identical due to a hand casted process.

We don't use steel tubes as pole replacements

The M1 pole is only 70 cm tall but weights 11 kilo's alone! Other brands on the UK market use rolled steel tubes as a replacement for the pole section. This saves costs and time, but we have cut no corners and also cast all our poles from 100% cast iron. We want the complete lamp post to last a very long time.

Here is a close up picture of the pole. Once you place your order, we'll first treat it with a red primer base and then finish off in the color of your preference. Your lamp posts are double layered protected and we always include some paint to finish small scruffs that could occur during transport and installation.

We're confident that our products are build to outlast any other brands on the UK market.

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