EA211. Aluminium 5-sided half lantern. 52 cm

Total height: 52 cm
Lantern width: 25 cm
Total length (from wall to furthest point of lantern): 16 cm
Material: aluminium
Total weight: 2 kg
Color: black

Comes with a universal E27 ceramic bulb holder (suitable for LED light bulbs). You can also order a matching classic style LED light below.

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Product Description
Additional Information
AnchorboltsAnchor bolts to fasten the lamp to the wall are not included.
CE markingYes
CoatingProtective black powder coating.
Energy labelDepends on the light bulb that you install.
Light fittingIncluded standard E27 Ceramic screw fitting (suitable for light bulbs of Max. 150W).
Lantern height52 cm from bottom to tip of lantern head.
InstallationThere are pre-drilled holes in the wall bracket to mount the lamp on a wall. You can wire the lamp through the tunnels in the bracket.
IP codeIP 44
Lantern head insertsReplaceable 3 mm real glass (perspex gets dim and is difficult to clean after a year).
Light bulbNot included
LumensDepends on the light bulb that you install.
Base materialAluminium
Lantern head materialMade entirely from high grade cast aluminium.
Suitable lightsourcesEasy to use with LED lightbulb, motion detector or dusk till dawn lightbulb/sensor (not included).
Total height52 cm
Total length16 cm from the wall to furthest point of the lantern head.
Total weight2 kg
Voltage220-240 Volt 50 Hz
Wattage (fitting)Max. 150W
Width lantern head25 cm at widest lantern head section.

Installation video and tips

We recommend a qualified electrician to install our lamp posts unless you are proficient in installing it yourself. We cannot take any responsibility for improper installation. On this page are helpful installation tips and above is a short video that shows how easy it is to build up the lamp posts.

Concrete casting

The concrete casting block should be a minimum of 40 x 40 x 40 cm for lanterns taller than 2 metres. And depending on the ground type, you could make this bigger (if the ground is known to be soft). We do not provide a standard base template because the anchor holes in the bases of our lamps are not exactly at the same position in handcrafted products. The best way to do this is to cast the concrete block without any anchor bolts. Once the concrete is hardened, put our lamps on the concrete, mark and drill the holes and fasten the base with 3 anchor bolts. Most anchor holes are 12 mm, so you can use 10 mm anchor bolts. The minimum length of the anchor bolts should be at least 12 cm. We do not provide anchor bolts with our lamps.

Wiring the lamp posts

Electric cables are not included. We advise to wire the fitting with 3 x 1,5 mm2 cable (P1-N-Pe).

Building up the cast iron lantern head

Below are two manuals with instructions on how to assemble and disassemble our cast iron lantern heads:

4-sided Victorian lantern head manual
6-sided Hexagonal lantern head manual

How to reflect light downwards?

Some customers wish to reflect light downwards. Our lantern heads are highly customisable and you can easily install a reflector plate in the inside of our lantern roof or you could paint this with reflective paint to get the same effect.

Glass inserts installation

Insert the glass panels after you assembled the lantern head completely. See this video to view how the glass is inserted: video link

Avoiding the occasional rattling of the glass

Place one drop of silicon gel at the upper side of the glass against the lantern roof to avoid rattling. You should not seal the glass of completely because this will cause humidity problems. One drop of silicone gel or a little piece of glass cover is enough to avoid rattling. Our lantern heads are tight fitted, so most of the times, you can just leave it as is. But since the lanterns are hand casted, sometimes there is more room for the glass to rattle.

Rainwater causing problems

Use the rubber grommets that we supply with our lantern heads to seal off the screw rod that hangs in the inside of the lantern head roof. Because heavy rainwater sometimes finds its way through the small handcasted parts, drips into this screw rod and falls on the lamp. You could also use silicone gel to seal this off.

How to get the cable through the arms of wall brackets?

Use a vacuum cleaner and suck a thin rope (kite rope) through the holes of the wall bracket. A fiddle wire most often doesn't work as our products are hand casted and the inside surface of the tunnel isn’t smooth.


We supply a standard white E27 ceramic screw fitting. You can place up to 150 watts in it. You could also replace our E27 screw fitting with a local bayonet. You can easily install any type of fitting in our lamps.

Junction box

Our lamp post bases are hollow and you can install a junction box inside the base.

Tightening torque for the anchor bolts

DIN 913Tightening Torque in Nm
M8 x 4024 
M8 x 10 20
M10 x 20 42
M12 x 16 52