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Victorian Lamp Posts
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Cast Iron Lamp Posts
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More than 190 Cast Iron and Victorian Lamp Posts
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More than 190 different designs

High quality, heavy and thick lamp posts and lanterns

"We hand pour with 100% grade cast iron, no other materials are used"

Extensa offers a large collection of more than 200 designs of cast iron lamp posts and victorian lamp posts.
The cast iron lamp post height ranges from 70 cm to 345 cm. Our collection of lamp posts is made from durable cast iron.
We offer 6 kinds of cast iron lantern heads, 2 kinds of ladder bars and many kind of combinations of bases, centerpieces and tops. In addition to our cast iron lamp post collection we also sell wall lanterns, patio and driveway lanterns, dual and triple headed lamp posts and copper and bronze lantern heads. Inspired by tradition, history and sentiments from the past.

Decorate your home, garden or driveway with our beautiful products. Cast iron has proved itself more than hundreds of years for its stability and quality. For that reason, we craft our lamp posts only with the heaviest quality iron we can find. Our victorian lamp posts are used as a decorative or functional light source in small or large gardens, in parks, fields, yards, wide terrains, streets, parking areas, private gardens but also as decorative pieces in restaurants, shopping malls and showrooms.

Because of our design and manufacturing capabilities, we have designed lamp posts that consist of different parts that are interchangeable with other designs. A standard garden lamp post consist of the bottom part, center piece, top piece, ladder bars and lantern head. Our victorian lamp posts are easy to assemble. Our prices are competitive because we have our own foundry. We sell two kinds of copper lantern heads which fit on all of our poles. We have round and hexagonal (4-sided) copper lantern heads. These are crafted from high grade material copper and glass. The looks of these lanterns are stunning!